Elijah and his mother Rana, were led by inspiration to develop the name Prophetboy. In 2019 Prophetboy was formally established as an LLC. Prophetboy is a sentiment for everyone to relate to as a way to do good in the world. Rana and Elijah are continuously led by inspiration to do good in the world and seek to inspire others to join the Prophetboy experience and do the same. Check out the website for more information on PROPHETBOY Music, PROPHETBOY Merch and PROPHETBOYELITE BASKETBALL! Led by inspiration!!

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Coaching males and females of all ages and levels - Individual, Camps and Clinics

PROPHETBOY Elite Basketball


My son was losing confidence and not scoring in basketball, then he started workouts with Elijah and just scored 22pts. leading his team to victory in his last game. We are so excited!

Jaden's Mom

My daughter loves being on the basketball team. She's gaining skills, learning teamwork and having so much fun.

Sophie's Mom